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the lesbian voice of the northcoast
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The L-Word is a monthly publication based out of Humboldt County, CA written by and for local queers highlighting local and international events and hot topics.

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Humboldt Pride
HSU Women's Center
Marriage Equality USA-Humboldt
Queer Student Union
CR Spectrum Club

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There are a few items you can submit; articles for publishing into the paper newsletter, events for the calendar (online and paper newsletter) and soon-to-happen events that you need to submit after the newsletter has gone to print. Check out the details for each below:

Article Submission

The L-Word is always looking for folks to submit articles for the monthly newsletter. The more voices the better! If there is a topic that you are interested in addressing, please contact us to discuss the details. Articles are typically around 600 words, and are due for submission by the 15th of the month.

Calendar Submissions

If there is an event or group that you would like the Humboldt queer community to be aware of, then please send us the information! The sooner you get it to us the better, so keep in mind that we need it typically by the third weekend. Just ask and we'll let you know the deadline for the current month.

Late Calendar Submissions

If you have missed the time for submission to the newsletter, its not too late to get the details of your event into our online calendar! We accept submissions throughout the month; when we receive the submission, we will simply add it to our calendar!

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